(✿◠‿◠) This game was made for smartphone, use it if you have one ! It can be played on PC however, you but you will need a controller ! ˋ( ° ▽、° ) 

There are some people in this beautiful, cosy house... They seem inescapably attracted to each other... Maybe you should give them a little help by moving the house and make them meet ! In the kitchen or in the bedroom ? The choice is up to you... But don't forget to SHAKE once they're close !! 



Oh wait, someone was in the wardrobe ?



GREAT a new pal to meet !


This game was made for the 2019 Global Game Jam, which theme was : "What home means to you ?" We were height jammers, and the game was made in ~20 hours, but slightly improved during one week after the am by one programmer (mostly to make a PC controller).

We hope you will enjoy our game !


Pipou Design : Jean Nicolas, Malo Dalmier

Pipou Art : Alexandre Cornudet, Hélène Boudier

Pipou Sound : Florent Chardevel

Pipou Programmation : Thibault Baron, Yannis Attard

Moral Support : Maxime Aupetit


Rejected names :

Libido Gone Wrong
Totally Accurate Intercourse Simulator
For Fuck Shake
Human After Hole
Hit me baby one more time
Fuck and Dino !
oooh my shakxbooomb
Home Alone (but with other people and you have sex)
Aggressive cuddling
Extreme flirting
love rumble
Super Smack Bross
Bang bang, I hit the ground
Ding ding dong dong ?
Catch 'em all
Harden Shake
Home my God
Hello Neighbor
Intimate shaking
Stephan Naptime
Uptown Fuck
My friends pedros
La Casa de Popol
Niku Niku
Les Sims Sonnent
Shake Education
Couch Co-op
Asso Beauf
Double Kiki Rose
"à la boner"
bone journey
Maison Ouverte
Des Hommes et des Pieux
condominium meeting
Shake It Up !
shake them up
The Forshakens
Knock Knock. Who's there?
Shekx ?
Slack time


ShakesEducation1.2.apk 36 MB


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bro u should definitely specify that this needs a controller in the description i got this like a year ago and never thought to check the comments for instructions i was so confused why it aint working

I hate it! :D

But... But... Why ? :'(

how ı can play this game? i dont now any think about this game

You need a controller to play it on a computer ! Or play it on smartphone if you have one, it was made for this device :)

Can this be played on a laptop?

It can be played on any PC, but you will need a controller

they keep moaning? XD

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Why is this even a thing? I love this too much

Libido gone wrong... eep


Great graphics and execution.


What the hell, and also I love this 10/10


10/10 quality


Thanks :D